File A Lawsuit With Help From Our Employment Law Firm In The Boise, ID Area

Stand Up Against Workplace Discrimination

Losing your job is never easy. However, when your employer fires you for unjust reasons, you can fight back. Work with an employment discrimination attorney at Johnson & Monteleone, LLP. Our firm based in the Boise, Idaho area is ready to help you move through the legal process as smoothly as possible.

The most common categories of employment law disputes are:

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When can you file a claim?

At-will employment allows you or your employer to terminate employment at any time. However, it's illegal for an employer to fire you based on prejudice.

You may have grounds for an employment law case if you've been...

  • Denied a job based on your age
  • Discriminated against based on your race
  • Discriminated against, harrased by, or assaulted by schools and/or other organizations
  • Retaliated against for reporting a problem to HR
  • Treated unfairly based on your religion or gender
  • Experienced sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Terminated for unjust or illegal reasons