Reporting an Accident to the DMV in Idaho

Good driving habits and defensive driving techniques can help you avoid accidents, but sometimes they are unavoidable. If you have been in an accident in Idaho, it is important to report it to the DMV. Here’s how:

Gather information from other drivers or witnesses

Car accidents are chaotic, confusing and often frightening. However, you need to remain calm and, if possible, pull your vehicle over to a safe place on the side of the road. When settled, exchange information with the other driver, take witness contacts and take as many pictures and videos of the scene as possible. You need this for your DMV report.

Contact the police if necessary

If there is any injury or damage to either vehicle that is more than $1,500, you must contact the police. Get the case number or incident number from the police.

Filing an accident report with the DMV in Idaho

Next, file an accident report with the DMV within ten days of occurrence. To do this, you must fill out an “Idaho Traffic Accident Report” form (Form ITD-3317). You can get this form online (https://itd.idaho) or at your local sheriff’s office.

You will provide your current address, your driver’s license, your vehicle registration number and the date, time and location of the accident. The DMV may also require you to provide evidence of financial responsibility which includes your insurance policy number.

Keep a copy of the report

After filing the accident report with DMV, you can get a copy. This will be useful when filing an insurance claim or pursuing other compensation.

Understanding how to report an accident to the DMV in Idaho is important to remain compliant with local laws and regulations. Failing to submit this report can lead to the suspension of your driving privileges and a hefty fine.

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