Idaho Personal Injury Law Blog

Idaho personal injury attorneys Jason Monteleone, Jake Bottari, and occasional guest bloggers provide insights on a wide range of legal issues related to injury accidents, wrongful death, and insurance law in Idaho.

From Compensation to Recovery: Legal Steps for Whiplash Victims

In the moments following a car accident, the immediate concern is physical well-being. When the dust settles, the ...
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Navigating Idaho’s Auto Accident Laws: A Comprehensive Guide for Injury Victims

Unfortunately, auto accidents are a frequent occurrence in our everyday life in Idaho. More often than not, the ...
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How Aggressive Driving Endangers Others

Aggressive driving happens when a driver deliberately disregards road safety and performs dangerous maneuvers to elicit responses from ...
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understanding insurance after a car crash

Understanding Insurance After a Car Crash

In the event of a car crash in Idaho, or anywhere else, it’s helpful to know how insurance ...
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reporting an accident to the dmv in idaho

Reporting an Accident to the DMV in Idaho

Good driving habits and defensive driving techniques can help you avoid accidents, but sometimes they are unavoidable. If ...
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how to know personal injury claim

How Do You Know if You Have a Personal Injury Claim?

We go about our daily lives never really expecting to get hurt. Accidents are preventable, but they do ...
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